Friday, August 8, 2008

Online Greek/Hebrew Resources

Some quick items here...First, I started another web site quite a while ago entitled gettysburg press that I have intended as "an online portal for publishing academic resources, especially in the field of religious studies in general and biblical studies in particular." My reason for starting it:

Many times academics would like to share their work, but some writings are not quite suitable for publication either as a book or as an article in one of the standard journals. Sometimes it would also be most beneficial for timely publication that is not possible with the usual routes of publication, and sometimes it would be helpful to publish preliminary findings in order to generate responses. This site hopes to provide a place for authors to publish and all scholars to find such writings, especially in the field of religious studies in general and biblical studies in particular.
I haven't had much time to do anything with the site, but I am working on something I think many of you will like...

In the meantime, the one thing I have posted there is a collection of about 45 Greek lexical articles by Terrence Mullins that were first published in the Lutheran Partners magazine. He has done a nice job on the various Greek terms and cognates (think of something like Exegetical Dictionary of the New Testament entries), and I appreciate his consent letting me publish them online.

Second, check this collection of Original Languages Resources links by Daniel Witte.

Third, SCSaunders has provided some links to short videos to 'pump you up' for the study of Greek and Hebrew.

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  1. Thanks for these online Hebrew and Greek resources and these original language resources.