Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ancient Rome 3D Updated

I had previously posted about Ancient Rome 3D in Google Earth. The Google Earth blog now reports that the 3D modeling has been greatly improved which results in much better viewing and navigation. As he reports:

If you were frustrated with how hard it was to load Ancient Rome when it came out last month, give it a try again. It's still not as simple as the built-in 3D Buildings layer. But, the experience of learning, and seeing, ancient Rome come to life is worth it. The placemark descriptions and links to further information are very educational. And the 3D buildings really help you visualize what it might have been like.
Be sure to check the directions on the Google Earth blog for getting it set up. The terrain layer loads rather quickly, but the first set of buildings took quite a while (10 minutes+) with my good connection. Maybe the server was busy... In any case, these little screen shots show the great detail available, some including interiors. With the Ancient Rome gallery layer enabled, you also have one click access to additional info.
You may also want to visit the Rome Reborn project from which much of the data was derived. Another good site to check is the Virtual Museum of the Ancient Via Flamina. It includes a 386Mb download reconstruction of an ancient village on this Roman road.

Just waiting for reconstructions of ancient Jerusalem, Ephesus, and Athens...

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