Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Online Books in Biblical Studies: The Official List

Well, maybe not the "official" list, but this is as close as you are going to get. I've posted regularly on books that I or others have found in Google Books or Internet Archive that are worth downloading, but Bob Buller and Danny Zacharias have compiled the most complete list you are going to find. I received permission to be added as an editor, and I added a number of works they hadn't listed and provided something of an outline up front. (BTW, this was the first time I did any significant editing in Google Docs. Maybe it's because this is a big file, but I found it to be a real pain...) In any case, this is the page to bookmark:

Free Books in Biblical Studies and Related Fields
Google Books,, & web-based content


  1. Great list! Many of these would make great PBB's for Libronix.

  2. Echoing TC Black great list! I wonder what we might accomplish with the creation of a centralized library for these electronic resources to be archived and translated into as many languages as possible.

  3. Mark, did you get my email to the librarything test? What did you think?