Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tyndale Bulletin online & Google now searching magazines

Two journal / magazine items to note:
I just discovered that the Tyndale Bulletin has now posted online the full text of all its articles from volume 1 of 1956 up to 3 years ago. You can get article summaries from 1993 to the present. Check it out HERE. [HT: Bryan's]

Google now is searching magazines! I can't exactly find the list of all the magazines it is digitizing, but it must be an eclectic list. To just search in magazines, use the Advanced Book Search and choose that option. I was trying to think of a biblical term that might have shown up in magazines and tried "ossuary." HERE is what I came up with. Hmmm... not much there in that 1902 Popular Science or the 1994 New York Magazine, but I had hopes for the 1973
New York Magazine link. Snap! It was from an ad listing the sale of an "early Judaic ossuary." I missed my chance for fame and fortune, because just maybe it had some inscription on it... BUT, hey, I hit paydirt with the June 2007 issue of Atlanta. Okay, so maybe it's one more thing I don't have time to read...

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