Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Canon Comparison Chart from Logos

Vincent Setterholm of Logos composed a very helpful "Canon Comparison Chart" that was included as part of their recently inaugurated Bible Study Magazine. A version of this chart has been shared online with helpful 'hover over' popups for notes. (Click on the graphic to see the page.)
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Included are the canons of the Samaritan Pentateuch, the Hebrew Bible, Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Syriac, Ethiopian, and Protestant. If you are trying to remember whether the Psalms of Solomon is in someone's Bible or not, here's one good place to look. [HT: Naked Bible]


  1. Though the "Protestant" list seems decidedly biased!

  2. Hi, Tim. Can you say a bit more how the Protestant list is "decidedly biased"? I must be missing something...

  3. The + "Plus material not considered canonical but often found in Bibles of a given tradition." At least in the churches I am familiar with (mainly Evangelical... Baptist, Presbyterian etc.) the Apocryphal books are NEVER found in Bibles of the tradition, but only in Bibles aimed at students or those labeled "Catholic Edition". Even among Anglicans these works do not I think form part of the lectionary readings, and therefore not part of most Bibles (I believe, but some Anglican can correct me).

  4. Tim,

    As an Anglican (and former student of Mark's @ LTSG), I can say you are somewhat correct in that the Apocryphal books are not part of the Lectionary (we use the RCL), but they ARE part of the Daily Office readings. We also use them for specific liturgies such as the Burial Office.