Thursday, October 1, 2009

glo - Multimedia Bible

This one looks interesting... glo is a new multimedia Bible program. Appears to be geared more to a popular than scholarly audience, but it looks to have some interesting features. Lot of emphasis on visual interaction and visualizations.It's hard to tell, and they don't include it with their advertising, which Bible versions are included. (Hmm....? I do see NIV on the video.) Check out the video:

Note that it is Windows only for now with a planned for release on 15 Oct 2009. (Mac version is promised) It will cost $80 (pre-order for $60; also at CBD), but here's the number that caught my attention: 18Gb. That's how much room it takes on your hard drive. Don't have that much free? They recommend deleting unused files, getting a bigger hard drive, or buying an external drive.
It's produced by Immersion Digital whose CEO was (is?) connected with the iLumina line of interactive and media-oriented Bible software. If they send me a copy, I'll review it here, but if you have more info/experience with it, please chip in.


  1. The UK publisher gave a pre-launch presentation at a meeting I attended recently. He said that the text would be the NIV. I must admit that my impression was that Glo was a triumph of style over substance, but I may be proved wrong.

  2. I just started Glo and so far I have been really impressed with it. It makes following a reading plan and doing topical studies a breeze. Plus it has all kinds of video commentary and it’s so easy to use.