Thursday, October 1, 2009 - Melody Search Tool

Somewhat off the focus of this blog, but nonetheless cool...
Over at, part of CCEL (Christian Classics Ethereal Library) project, there is now a "Melody Search Tool." Using a virtual, onscreen keyboard, enter in as much of a tune with as much as the correct rhythm as you can and hit search. It will go through it's database of over 2800 hymns and find the best matches that it can. It's not perfect, and it helps if you can get the rhythm as close as possible, but my little search above did return the song for which I was hunting as the sixth of 533. (TRYGGARE KAN INGEN VARA aka, "Children of the Heavenly Father")

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  1. Ain't technology amazin'? Finding just the right song for a particular occasion is getting easier, and everyone benefits as a result.