Monday, October 12, 2009

Greek-English Lexical Resources Ratings Survey

What are the most important Greek-English lexical resources a biblical scholar should consult?
I realize that this question could be answered in different ways depending on the context, but I am particularly thinking of the typical seminary student or pastor or Bible teacher doing exegetical work in the NT. (As part of their NT work, they are also likely to need to consult the LXX, Philo, Josephus, and other early Christian literature in Greek.) I am recognizing, therefore, that cost also comes in to play somewhat, but by soliciting the general wisdom of all you biblical scholars to rate the most important resources, people should start forming conclusions about which ones they should be aiming to purchase first. In the meantime, they also have a better idea of which resources they should be checking in the library if they don't have them on their computer.

So, PLEASE TAKE THIS BRIEF SURVEY. (This will send you to a SurveyMonkey web page.)
You can see the live results of the survey HERE.

The first question asks you to rate in order the main, comprehensive Greek-English lexicons. (I've listed eight that I could think of, and you are forced to rank them in order.)
The second question asks you to rate some of the specialized lexicons, dictionaries, or other lexical resources.
I have listed 11 such resources, and they represent something of a mixed bag. They can be ranked from "Very important" to "Don't bother." You also can add additional resources I don't have listed.

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