Saturday, November 3, 2007

Bible Commentary Series

Logos has announced the pre-pub pricing for the Reading the New Testament Commentary series. (Pre-pub pricing means that you can buy it before it is published at a reduced cost.)
This is one of the better commentary series, but I've not been much of one to buy a whole series. Yes, they look nice on one's bookshelves, but, in addition to the considerable cost of buying a whole set, there is oftentimes so much variety of quality within a series. I do prefer buying the electronic versions of such works (so much for looking good on the bookshelf...), but I am inclined to buy individual volumes. To get a sense of the approaches of various commentary series, I recommend checking out Logos' "Product Guide to Multi-Volume Commentaries." For suggestions on individual volumes, I have posted some lists, including ones compiled by myself and my colleagues here at LTSG.

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