Monday, November 12, 2007

OliveTree updates for PDAs

I have a Dell Axim x51v (now a discontinued product, sad to say...), and I have it well equipped with a number of biblical study resources. I've used OliveTree Bible Software products on my first Palm Pilot (and they provided for me to upgrade the software and texts for my Axim for free) when they were about the only ones that offered the NRSV on a PDA platform. I also have used their BibleReader for my Hebrew MT and my Gramcord Greek NT with UBS dictionary. As with a number of other such PDA products, the BibleReader is free along with quite a long list of free downloads. Most of them are public domain texts, but there are numerous Bibles (including the NET Bible with some notes, the Vulgate, and some early Greek texts) and other books. They do have occasional posts on their blog, and some recent entries indicate that they are moving to Unicode for the Hebrew MT. Also of note, Josephus and Philo in English are now available as free downloads.

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