Wednesday, November 14, 2007

More on Greek fonts

Okay, so I'm fascinated with fonts... Via a comment by Rick Brannan on a posting about fonts by Phil Gons, I just discovered the Greek Font Society site. There a quite a few Greek fonts (TrueType and OpenType, also some MacOS) organized by century, and they are free to download and use. I particularly like the GFS Elpis and the GFS Neohellenic fonts in the 20th/21st century group. They are both full polytonic Greek sets with matching latin sets. Still, despite having all these beautiful Greek fonts, I find myself sticking to Cardo for my Greek and Hebrew, because:

  • it's free
  • it works well for print and display
  • I require my students to download it, so I know they have it and there won't be font glitches
  • it includes both Greek and Hebrew (as well as a complete latin set), so it's one less font to mess around with.
BTW, need some heiroglyphs (Egyptian, Cretan or Anatolian) or Phoenician or Akkadian cunieform? Be sure to check out Unicode Fonts for Ancient Scripts.

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