Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Yahoo! "Bible Study"

I've used My Yahoo! as my home page for a couple years now. It's worked well with lots of customizable features. This week, a banner on my page encouraged me to try out the new My Yahoo! Beta. Well, I tried it, and I don't like it. (Less customizable, ugly color choices, obtrusive ads...)
BUT, as I was trying it out, I found I could add a new module called "Bible Study." It creates a new page that looks like this:
This is the automatic content that appears, and the various sub-modules are not customizable. (You can only select to show, adjust update frequency, or delete.) It is an 'interesting' collection, to say the least. If you click/enlarge the graphic, you will see that you get:

  • ESV: The One Year Bible
  • Daily Bible Readings (KJV)
  • Bible Study Reflections (Various content from 3-5 months old)
  • Pastor Jon's Blog (A little searching discovers that he describes himself thus: "I am the Pastor and church planter of a Bible teaching church in New England [Springfield Calvary Fellowship in MA]. I am also a entrepreneur engaged in a computer based business.")
  • Christian Links: Bible (Some more 'interesting' choices...)
  • (Links to their podcasts: this one actually does look interesting to me)
  • Christian Blogs (Including links to Joel Osteen' church, "Follow Old Or New Testament," "Was Paul a False Apostle," "Why Are Christians Fat")
Okay, maybe this says more about me, but I'm really puzzled who decided to select these 'interesting' pieces. BTW, I decided not to keep this new module and reverted to My Yahoo! alpha.

UPDATE: I looked at the My Yahoo Bible Study again, and found that there are a few sub-modules that can be edited. There is an integrated RSS reader, and one can choose what subscriptions appear, so that's good. Some of the other automatic links (Christian links and reflections sections) are not editable and reflect those 'interesting' choices.

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