Friday, November 16, 2007

New Christian Computing Magazine articles

The new CCM has been posted online. The whole magazine is online, but of particular interest:

  • A review of WORDsearch 8: Quite a positive review (but CCM is more often enthusiastic than critical...)
  • e-Sword Update & Serious Language Tools: Notes some new features in the latest update (7.8.5) which includes Robertson's "Gospel Harmony" (it is really a synopsis tool and not a harmonization of the Gospels) and the availability of some new modules such as a graphics module, Shepherds 1923/6 Historical Atlas. (Also online HERE) There is also a pointer to eStudysource for buying other modules. The article also includes some comments on strengths and features of Pradis and WORDsearch.
  • There is an article by Craig Rairdin whom many of you might recognize of the founder/developer of the original QuickVerse. He discusses the development of the STEP platform... and its eventual demise. (I still have a couple STEP documents, and I now use eSword which has a STEP reader. WORDsearch/BibleExplorer also is able to read STEP documents.) It is an interesting article discussing the attractiveness of a common data format, but he describes why it is not likely to happen among Bible software companies.

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