Thursday, March 27, 2008

Adobe Photoshop Express now online

Adobe Photoshop Express went live online today. This free service (with registration) provides some excellent photo editing tools. You can upload pics from your computer or from online Photobucket, Facebook, or Picasa accounts. You can create online Galleries or Albums with 2Gb of free storage. It's reasonably fast, but you do have to reckon on the time for uploading, editing, and saving. Where it can probably be most handy is that after editing, in addition to saving it to your online gallery, you can download, email, link, or embed it. For blogging, this will be pretty handy. Here's a quick example of embedding a pic I edited.
No doubt it is faster working on your own computer, but this is free and provides a nice way for online sharing. Compare it to Picasa...

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