Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Creating Word Frequency Lists in Logos

On the Logos newsgroup, someone asked how to create a word frequency list for the Greek New Testament. This video (less than 1.5 minutes) will show you how.
UPDATE: I initially stated here that I couldn't find a way to sort the list by frequency. Phil Gons (Logos) on the newsgroup showed what the trick is. Simply right-click on the title line and the dialogue will pop up. BTW, read in the comments where Richard Wilson shows how to do this very easily online. I'll have more to add in another post.


  1. It is also easy to do this online at - under "Find words" you need to search for every root word that appears at least 1 time in the passage 3J, ordering by the number of appearances.

    With the program at it is also easier to create an ordered word frequency list than in Logos with the command Create Concordance.

  2. This works for me in Greek, but I can't make it work for English. It seems to execute in the background and then shows the text title but no content. I've tried several English Bible versions. I have Logos silver edition.