Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Creating a 'Graduated' Reader in BibleWorks7 (and Logos?)

I have blogged before (here and here) about creating 'gradient' or 'graduated' readers, i.e., texts of the Greek New Testament that highlight words matching certain criteria. Since the previous three posts were devoted to creating vocab/frequency lists, the next logical step would be to apply these lists to create such readers.

For example, I have my Greek students memorize all the words that occur 50 or more times in the NT.
The goal, then, would be to create a text with all the words highlighted that occur 49 times or less. (Once you see how it works, you could of course change the frequency criterion to whatever you like.)

Following the steps shared on a BibleWorks Classroom Tips, I've created a short videos to show how to accomplish this task in BW7. In the first part, I will show how to work with the Word List Manager to create the list you will need. In the second part, I will show how to use the list we created in Part 1 in the Graphical Search Engine to highlight the words. Then in the third part, I will then show how to colorize the text to save your work.

  1. BW7: Creating a Frequency Word List Using the Word List Manager (2Mb, 1'24")
  2. BW7: Using a Frequency Word List in the Graphical Search Engine (1.8Mb, 1'09")
  3. BW7: Colorizing Text Based on a Frequency Search (2.4Mb, 1'16")
To save you some time, HERE is a ZIP file of the color file which will highlight every word lemma used 49 times or less in the NT in the BGT version in both the OT and NT. Unzip the file into your BibleWorks7 "databases" directory.

I have been searching, but I can't figure out to create a similar sort of highlighted text in Logos. Perhaps one of the Logos experts can show the way...

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