Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sentence diagramming again in Logos

I had a couple previous posts on sentence diagramming (here and here and here) looking at a variety of online tools as well as the tools in BibleWorks7 and Logos to create them. There was also some discussion on the value of various types of diagramming. (There are a few people on the Logos newsgroup who have developed some sophisticated templates for working in MindManager.) Somehow in the discussion, I missed this post on sentence diagramming from 2005 by Rick Brannan at Logos. Personally, I have found this kind of block diagramming to be the most helpful without taking up a lot of time to construct. I was using Mark 6:34 as an example, and you can see my result above. I really like the ability to import multiple versions. I also like the automatic part of speech color coding option. (But I would like to apply my own color coding. I can of course do this a word at a time, but I can't figure out how to change the Logos automatic default that works with the Insert Passage tool. Anyone know how to change it?) To create the layout above took well less than a minute. Nice.

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  1. I Need assistance diagramming Eph. 3:14-17

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