Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vertov for Zotero update; Zotero and Logos syncing

In a previous post, I noted the availability of Vertov, a Firefox plugin for Zotero that works as a manager and annotator of digital media. While limited in its initial release to only a couple media file types, in its latest release, it is now able to handle "any QuickTime-compatible audio or video file in your browser (over 50 formats)." Very nice indeed!

And while I am mentioning Zotero again, I think I have finally found a good way to keep the Zotero data on my home and school computers synced. I did not like the 'portable Zotero' solution of running Firefox/Zotero off a USB drive, and the exporting/importing of Zotero data was too much bother. What I am doing now is using FolderShare to keep the Zotero data on both machines updated. (HERE is the info you need on the Zotero site, and it also includes info on using the Mac's iDisk to do the same thing.) Do note that for this to work properly, you can only have Firefox/Zotero active on one computer at a time, but both computers will need to be online at the same time. (Ideally, Firefox should not be running on either. I.e., let FolderShare do its thing, close FolderShare, and then start Firefox.)

And while I am mentioning FolderShare again, I can report that I am successfully using it to keep my Logos3 program synchronized between the two computers. Works great. (HERE is the info you need from the Logos Wiki to set things up properly.)


  1. Hi Mark,

    Have you had any success keeping NotaBene in sync between two PCs?

    Forgive me if I'm wrongly remembering that you're an NB user.


  2. Hi, Steffen. Yes, I do use NotaBene, but I'm mainly using it to convert my dissertation created in NB DOS to NB Windows so that I can export it into the RTF/DOC format that T&TClark wants. So, I have not worried about keeping NB in sync between two computers. All the best!